What is triggering my headaches and can a chiropractor help?

Throbbing, constant, sharp, dull, debilitating, annoying… Just a few adjectives to describe a
headache. Headaches are the most common form of pain we experience and a major reason
cited for missing days at work or school. And let’s be honest, productivity in all areas of life is
difficult when headaches are present.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, there are 150 types of headaches that fall into two main
categories: primary and secondary (caused by underlying medical conditions). Types of primary
headaches include tension headaches (most commonly experienced), migraine headaches,
cluster headaches, and new daily persistent headaches. These all can impact our day to day life
and are triggered by lifestyle factors and situations.

Headaches can be triggered by environmental factors:

Eating certain foods or ingredients: caffeine, alcohol, processed meats that contain
nitrates, chocolate, and cheese
● Exposure to allergens
● Changes in sleep or lack of sleep
● Poor posture
● Secondhand smoke and consuming nicotine
● Strong odors from household chemicals or perfumes

What can I do to reduce headaches?
  1. Learn your triggers. Keep a headache log to track and to reduce the number of
    headaches you develop.
  2. Use stress management techniques to avoid stress-induced headaches.
    a. Deep breathing, muscle relaxation, mental image and music to ease tension.
  3. Biofeedback: recognize tension building in your body and learn ways to settle it down.
    a. Breathing rate, heart rate
    b. Body temperature
    c. Muscle tension
    d. Brain activity
  4. Get adjusted!
    a. At re_ Health Studio, we use a variety of treatment options to get you the relief
    you seek. Treatment options include manual therapy, soft tissue therapy,
    electrical stimulation, lifestyle changes and education, and

If you often have headaches and are regularly taking a pain reliever for them, consider setting
up a consultation with one of our chiropractors. We take your headaches seriously and our goal
is to provide exceptional care and results. Call us today at 704-800-4540 to schedule your first

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