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A chiropractic adjustment is the removal of pressure on the nervous system. Imagine a kink in a garden hose…water cannot flow through effectively.
Chiropractors help eliminate interference or pressure on your nervous system through specific adjustments to allow signals to flow effectively and efficiently. In turn, your body is able to heal and function optimally.

We can check your specific insurance coverage at your first visit, however, we are a “cash based” wellness office that serves whole families. We take direct payment up front, so you always know exactly what you are paying for each treatment and there are no surprise bills.

To ensure you receive the quality care you deserve, we have many different payment plans for individuals and families.

Many patients utilize their HSA/FSA accounts to pay for their care in our office. Reach out to our office today and let’s work together to get you the care you need!

Your initial two visits, the new patient exam and report of findings, are the most in-depth and generally take 45-60 minutes each. After your first two visits, follow up adjustments generally take 15- 25 minutes. If you are receiving decompression therapy, you can expect an additional 30 minutes.

Yes, one adjustment can help, but just like exercise, repetition is what is necessary to retrain your body and the muscles that support the spine. An issue that has been going on for 10 years is not likely to be resolved in 3 months. The most effective chiropractic care is incremental. Your chiropractor will work with you to create a personalized plan that aligns with your health objectives.

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